Dodge the Tornado
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge Dodge the tornado that is capturing the Funkeys
Reward(s) Becoming a team captain
Winner(s) Gabby, Sol, & Boggle
Eliminated Speed Racer & Berger
Episode Guide
"Trust Your Team"
Twenty-six different funkeys are sucked up in a tornado. The tornado drops them at an island and they are faced by the host who explains there first challenge.


At a town meating, a tornado starts picking up Funkeys and droping them at a strange Island. When there, Mayor Sayso explains that they have been picked to compete for $100,000. He explains that there first challenge will be dodging tornados. He explains how today will be a duble elimination challenge. When the challenge starts, the first person sucked up was Berger who was followed by Speed Racer.

The three contestants to win found out there reward is being team captains. At the Elimination Ceremony, it was Burger and Speed Racer to get sucked into the tornado of losers.

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